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Sous Vide System

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Šifra: Sous Vide

Sous Vide System

This brand new technology for food cooking will enable the users to cook vacuum packed products
in proper vacuum bags and restore products, previously vacuum packed and cooked, through
convection ovens.
The process is extremely easy: it will be necessary to fill with water ( preferably softened) and
water will reach desired temperature, keeping it constant during the whole working cycle.
Tthrough this innovative technology you will be able to get great results:
The preservation of the organoleptic properties of food products
The food dehydration reduction;
long term food storage (thanks to the help of a blast chilling method);
kitchen planning’s improvement.

Dostupnost: Unutar 21 radnih dana

Tehnički podatci:  Sous Vide System
Kapacitet 25-30 litri
Radna temperatura 20° - 100° C
Snaga 1000 W
Veličina 600x330x300 H
Težina Kg. 12,5
Standardni priključak struje 230 V/50-60 Hz

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